Terms of Services

Advanced Payment is one of the most usual payment terms around the World, where The Tech Union Authority asks for full payment before the delivery of our service. This is prevalent in the service industry and is followed to avoid after-sales non-payment recovery. It is practiced to avoid out-of-pocket expenses to finish the project. We want to avoid any kind of scam which is done by many buyers.

To build trustworthiness in this service collaboration with us, you must pay in advance (PIA) as per our furthermost editorial guidelines and policy. We are taking upfront payments or prepayments nowadays all over the World. No one is an exception to it. Because we are facing a ton of scamming incidents recently. So, our authority is unable to evaluate anyone what he/she will be doing with us! As a result, we need pre-payment or Advanced Payment. Without any kind of advanced payment, we will not provide any kind of service to you.

Noted that, on any day If we will not provide service to you by showing any lame excuses or reasons, you can file a dispute against Editorialge Authority through your Payment Gateways. Then you must get a refund from us. We want to avoid any kind of conflict with our valued clients. There are no records of payment disputes with our honored customers till now. So, it will never happen from the standpoint of our loyalty and dignity. But the sad thing is we are facing a lot of scams on till date. That’s why Editorialge Authority has taken the decision to Advanced Payment for all kinds of services around the World. Please try to understand our valid concern. Hope you consider it logically.

Thanks for your understanding, interest, and support for us. We hope – you will be obedient to our editorial policy and guidelines. We also hope- you will accept our valid concern through mutual understanding.

As a result, we hope that a clear outline of the terms of sales will make it impossible for anyone to misunderstand or disagree with the other party. This is especially important when doing business across borders. When you talk about the “responsibility” of international taxes, duties, or other rules, the payment process goes smoothly.

Due to the nature of our digital services, the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations of 2000 don’t give you the right to cancel or get a refund once you’ve bought something. You agree that you will never start a chargeback through your payment provider if you get proper service. You agree that once you pay for one of our services, you can’t get your money back. Editorialge Authority reserves the right to change our services’ prices at any time.

This agreement applies to all ordinary people who wish to use our services. It explains everything you need to know in order to use our service, as well as some terms and conditions. You acknowledge that you have examined, appreciated, and agreed to be genuinely limited by the conditions and terms set out below. By using the Services, you can fundamentally recognize the Conditions and Terms. For the time being, you understand and agree that Our site will treat your use of the Services to recognize Conditions and terms from that point forward.

You also agree that you have read and understood PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. You continue to use our site administrators confirm that you do not perform or can perform any restricted activities listed there.

By accessing Our Site, you also agree to the Acceptable Use Policy, Terms of Service, and correct documentation of VISA, Mastercard, Amex, PayPro, Discover, Braintree, and other Visa planning or portion entryway providers utilized by Our Site.

You may not use our administrator for any illegal purposes or to facilitate criminal tasks. You agree to comply with all applicable laws while using our website to supervise your web-based lead and content.

You are unconditionally liable for agreeing to all material laws in all of your exercises related to your use of our site administrators, regardless of the motivation driving the use.

Do not use the Services or access our website if you do not agree to these Terms and Acceptable Use Policy.

Modifications to the Terms of Service

Our website complies with whoever has the authority to change the Conditions and Terms without informing the User. The most recent version of the Conditions and Terms will apply each time you use the Services. You can review the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions at any time on our website. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to regularly check for changes and updates to these Terms and Conditions.

If signs of contemptibility are discovered in our site, it has the advantage of breaking the current association between enlisted customers.


Association denotes that our site’s experts are genuinely committed to their work.

The record is a unique customer profile in our site system that allows you to use all of the structure’s available components.

The customer is portrayed as a person who uses our site’s locales as well as any information and administrators provided by our site.

A wholesaler/vendor is a registered trademark or an authentic individual who has registered with our site. He uses his record as Publisher to create and disseminate the supported guest present content in exchange for payment for such activities.

Buyer/Client is a registered trademark or authentic individual who uses his account to purchase guest post administrators records from various Publishers.


Let’s enroll at our site if you’re sixteen (16) years old or older. By registering on our site, you represent and warrant that all information you submit is straightforward and precise, and that you agree to keep such information up to date. You understand and agree that the information will be used by GUESTPOSTLINKS.

Getting to the Website and Account security

To obtain the Services, you may enroll as a single customer (Account). You must provide relevant and accurate information. You will not choose or use the following name as your username:

(a) of another person with the intent to imitate that person;

(b) likely to benefit someone other than you without appropriate endorsement; or

(c) is generally unfriendly, sickening, or profane.

You are entirely responsible for your own development, and keeping your mystery record expresses security. Please notify us as soon as possible if there is any breach of security or unauthorized use of your record. Never distribute, circle, or post login information for your record.

Even though we will not be liable for your losses caused by any unauthorized use of your record or the content you keep inside your record, you may be liable for the disasters of our site or others as a result of such unauthorized use.

Best Regards,

Ishita Das

Founder and CEO, The Tech Union